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Having a community party? Enjoy the celebration with a wonderful dinosaur party experience. Exhilarate everyone with a life-size dinosaur wandering around the community and make you feel as if you have gone back to the Jurassic Era. Witness dancing dinosaurs perform on the streets as they thrill and excite you with their real-life dinosaur costumes that will leave you in awe. This is a perfect idea for school festivals and community celebrations! Take a pick from our various packages and have the best neighbourhood party experience ever.

The usual party scenario: your guests arrive, enjoy the games and food and chat with other guests. Our idea of a more exciting party: In the middle of the party, T-Rex shows up all of a sudden to turn up the party! Dinosaurs are happy to liven up your party no matter what the celebration calls for. The important thing to make sure you throw the best party is to make it very exciting and unforgettable for your guests. Nothing beats dinosaurs at your event to make it extraordinary and awesome! 

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